Print Date:113/02/29 13:21

  Chapter II Operation Concession

   Section 3 Competitive Bidding

     Subparagraph 1 Bidding Procedure

Article 21-1
The auctionprocedure for issuing a businesslicenseshall be divided into the bandwidth quantity-basedauction (hereinafter referred to as the quantity bidding) and the location-basedauction.
The quantity auction shall bedivided into main bidding rounds and supplementary bidding rounds;the main bidding rounds shallarried out in accordance with the provisions of Articles 22 to 31-1; inthecase where circumstances asspecified in Paragraph 3 of Article 31-1occur, supplementary bidding rounds shall be subsequently carried out to determine the winning bidder and the awarded bandwidth of the quantity auction. After the quantity auction procedure has completed, the location-basedauction shall commence.
Article 21-2
Each bidder and authorized agent(s) shall not participate in any conduct that affects the fairness of bidding procedures or violate regulations after the announcement of the list of qualified bidders and prior to the final bidding. Any offender shall be deemed disqualified from the bidding by the competent authority.
Any bidder or authorized agent(s) who is deemed to affect the fairness of bidding procedures will be required to undertake corrective action within a prescribed period by the competent authority; those who fail to do so shall be disqualified.
Article 21-3
Where any of the following circumstances occurs during the bidding procedure, the competent authority shall suspend the bidding procedure and decide the following procedure:
1. Any force majeure.
2. Any major violation of rulesby the bidder.
3. Any circumstance that is inappropriate to carry on the bidding procedure.
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