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  Chapter 5 Supplementary Provisions

Article 44
For the network establishment and use licenses and radio station licenses acquired before the promulgation of the Administrative Regulations for the Establishment and Operation of a Telecommunications Network for the Academic and Education Purposes or Dedicated Experiments and Research and Development Purposes pursuant to the Act, the network establishment proposal shall be submitted to the competent authority for issuance of network examination approval certificate and renewal of radio station license three(3)months starting from two(2)months prior to the expiration of network establishment and use license and radio station license.
For the application for renewal of radio station license proposed by those who have been issued the network examination approval certificate mentioned in the preceding paragraph, it is not necessary to re-apply for the issuance of network examination approval certificate.
Article 45
The Administrative Regulations Governing the Manufacture, Import, and Application of Controlled Telecommunications Radio-Frequency Devices shall apply to the telecommunications radio-frequency equipment that is manufactured, imported, established or possessed by applicants or administrators
Article 46
For the forms and certificates stipulated in these Regulations, the items to be included in their contents and their formats shall be separately announced by the competent authority, unless otherwise specified in these Regulations.
Article 47
These Regulations shall be effective on the first day of July, 2020.
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