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The technical specifications of Type Approval is established pursuant to Administrative Regulations governing 1900 MHz Digital Low Tier Cordless Telephony Business, article 35 item 2.
Responsible Organization: National Communications Commission (hereafter refer to as NCC)
Reception Agency: NCC Technologies Administration Department
Testing Agency: The testing labs of government agencies, non-profit organizations, or registered companies that are approved by the NCC, or the testing labs that are approved by foreign approval institutions.
Applicable scope:
This type approval regulation is applicable to 1900 MHz digital low tier cordless telephony system base station RF equipment PHS (Personal Handy-phone System) system type approval.
Application Inspection Procedures:
4.1 Applicant shall provide equipment to the testing lab for a sample testing and receiving a testing report. Testing report shall minimally include basic testing items listed in section 6 and the test results shall be compliant with these testing items.
4.2 Applicant shall prepare identification IDs and document as listed in section 5 and submit his application to the reception agency for processing.
4.3 The inspection flow chart of type approval is listed in Appendix 1.
Required IDs and documents for type approval of the base station RF equipment:
5.1 Type approval inspection application form (see Appendix 2)
5.2 Photo copy of applicant’s related Ids:
(1). For domestic manufactured products:
If the applicant is an equipment manufacturer, the applicant shall submit his operation license for the controlled telecommunications Radio-Frequency Devices. If the applicant is an equipment distributor/agent, the applicant shall submit his distributor/agent license and operation license for the controlled telecommunications Radio-Frequency Devices.
(2). For imported products:
The equipment import distributor/agent shall submit his company license, business registration license, operation license for the controlled telecommunications Radio-Frequency Devices, telecommunications equipment import license, or special permission license.
5.3 Equipment submitted for inspection related documents:
(1). One original and one copied testing report. The original testing report will be returned after inspection.
(2). One copy of user manuals (or operation manuals) and specifications document.
(3). Equipment category and four (4) 4x6” or larger full equipment/product color photographs. (must clearly show brand name, and model)
(4). One copy of the circuit block diagram.
Basic testing items and technical specifications:
6.1 Basic testing items and technical specifications are listed in Appendix 3 for base station RF equipment.
6.2 If the equipment submitted for approval has adapted the latest technology or standards generated by foreign standard institutions, but Appendix 3 does not list the basic functional test items for the equipment, or the test results do not comply with the technical specifications listed in Appendix 3. The applicant could submit complete technical documents or standard technical specifications generated by foreign standard institution together with test reports according to section 4.1 to the reception agency for further review and final acceptance.
Inspection Fee:
Inspection fee shall be collected in accordance with the price listed in the fixed communications business administration guideline. Applicant shall submit the application form to the reception agency. After receiving invoice from the reception agency, the applicant shall give the payment to the Financial Division of the secretary office, DGT. There will be no refund after the payment.
Approval license issuance:
Once the submitted IDs and documents are reviewed and are found to be compliant with all regulations, an approval license as listed in Appendix 4 will be issued to the applicant.
Note:The inspection certificate only examines for the basic testing items and does not provide warranty for equipment functions, quality and other testing items.
Approval license termination/cancellation and other administration issues will be in accordance with the “Compliance Approval Regulations on Controlled Telecommunications Radio-Frequency Devices” and the “Administrative Regulations on the Controlled Telecommunications Radio-Frequency Devices”regulations.
10.1 Different types and functions equipment shall be submitted in separate inspection applications.
10.2 The reception agency reserves the right to ask the applicant to provide equipment for inspection.
10.3 If the reception agency has questions on the test report prepared by a foreign test laboratory, the reception agency reserves the right to ask the applicant to resubmit the equipment to other domestic or foreign testing labs for a retest. The applicant will pay for the retest expenses.
10.4 For the equipment approved by the reception agency, the applicant shall follow the approval sticker example printed in the approval license to replicate additional stickers to attach to the equipment or to engrave the sticker on the equipment at an appropriate place.
10.5 If the design of approved equipment is modified, this equipment shall be resubmitted for inspection. However, if the modification was only limited to its appearance (such as color) and its type and functionality were not changed, then if the reception agency agrees, there is no need for reapplication.
10.6 Import, sale, installation, and ownership of the approved equipment shall be compliant with any related telecommunications regulations.
10.7 NCC shall be notified once the applicant changes his address.
Effective Date:
The technical specifications of type approval shall come into force from the date of promulgation. Revision of the document will also follow this rule.
Data Source:NCC / Law Source Retrieving System Laws And Regulations