Print Date:113/06/21 22:55

1. This Guidelines are enacted to ensure that Directorate General of Telecommunications (hereafter named DGT) can accept the applications from Laboratory Accreditation Bodies and execute the certification of telecommunications terminal equipment testing on the Telecommunications Act 44.
2. To execute assessment and approval of testing laboratory accreditation bodies, the DGT shall establish the Assessment Team for the Laboratory Accreditation Bodies (hereafter named assessment team) to execute the following :
(1) Assessment of the completed application form
(2) On-site assessment of laboratory accreditation body
(3) Decision on approval
(4) Nonscheduled surveillance
3. The Deputy Director-General of DGT serves as a convener of assessment team. The assessment team group is composed of 3 to 7 members; one of them is the lead assessor assigned by the convener.
4. For the needs of professional technique, the assessment team may invite the scholars and specialists outside the DGT to give the assessment team advice for reference. The DGT should subsidize the transportation, assessment or research fee to the scholars and specialists.
5. The Public Telecommunications Department of DGT executes the administration of the assessment team.
6. An applicant for approval of laboratory accreditation bodies (hereafter named an applicant) should meet the requirements of the Telecommunications Act 44.
7. An applicant shall be based on its accreditation scope according to these Guidelines to apply the approval in the relevant testing fields to the DGT.
8. An applicant shall submit an application form and the specified documentation to the DGT for approval. These documents are as the follows:
(1) The copies of the credentials meeting the applicable requirements pursuant to Item 6 as an applicant.
(2) Quality manual.
(3) The list of laboratory accreditation operation procedures.
(4) The copy of mutual recognition arrangement if the applicant has signed mutual recognition arrangements with international group.
(5) Directory of accredited laboratories.
(6) Others.
9. The assessment procedures for the application are as the follows:
(1) After having received the application, DGT shall request the applicants to furnish completed documentation within 2 months if documentation required in the application is not fully provided. If the requested documentation is not furnished within the above period, DGT will cancel the application. If the documentation meets the requirements, DGT will assess the application.
(2) For the applicant, which has signed mutual recognition arrangements within international group, e.g. Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) and European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA), the DGT will review the arrangements and the documentation under Item 8 according to the ISO/IEC Guide 58 or CNS 13041 standards.
(3) The assessment procedures include the documentation review, assessment of accreditation process and observation of laboratory assessment. DGT will execute the assessment under the ISO/IEC Guide 58, CNS 13041 standards and Item 8. The assessment team shall fill in the assessment manual.
10. The definition of the non-conformance for the observations are as the follows:
(1) Major non-conformance :
The bodies don't establish the management system under the ISO/IEC Guide 58 or CNS 13041.
The bodies whose management systems have not been fully established and have obvious non-conformance.
The bodies, which have considerable non-conformance by not following the established operating procedures, fail the accreditation services.
(2) Minor non-conformance: The bodies don't have the major but still have slight and accidental non-conformance on execution.
11. If the contents specified in the documentation submitted by the applicants are ambiguous during the review period, DGT shall request the applicants to make explanations. If there's no major non-conformance found on documentation review, DGT shall arrange the on-site assessment of the bodies.
12. After assessing the bodies, DGT shall call the assessment team for the in-group discussion, and provide the nonconformance and the preliminary report to the applicants. If necessary, DGT shall request the applicants to provide the corrective action proposal and the schedule focusing on the non-conformity within 10 days.
13. The lead assessor shall collect the assessment manual made by the members of the assessment team along with the corrective action proposal of the applicants and present to the assessment team for review. If the body doesn't have major non-conformance nor has minor non-conformance accompanying the corrective action proposal within a prescribed period, DGT shall approve the application after the body summits the obligation declaration. Then, DGT shall issue the approval registration and certificate based on the approved items to the applicants.
14. DGT shall register the approved bodies into the administration system and monitor them randomly. Principally, DGT shall execute at least one surveillance every year and depend on the practical situation to increase the surveillance and observation of on-site assessment.
15. The un-approved bodies seeking for re-assessment shall submit the application within 2 months from the assessment date. If the above bodies can not pass the reassessment, the bodies shall not submit the application until 3 months later from the re-assessment date.
16. For the addition and modification to the approved and registered scope, the approved bodies shall apply the above scope for approval.
17. For the approved , DGT can withdraw the approval certificate if the following conditions have been proved :
(1) The dishonesty found on testing reports with accreditation logo issued by accredited laboratories, or the accredited laboratories without technical competent.
(2) The bodies have the major non-conformance defined on Item 10 after surveillance and can not improve in a prescribed period.
(3) The bodies with considerable non-conformance.
18.The withdrawn bodies whose approval registration has been cancelled shall not apply for re-approval until one year later from the cancellation date.
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