Print Date:111/09/29 02:42

Article 1
These Standards are enacted pursuant to Article 70 of the Telecommunications Act and Article 50-1 of the Radio and Television Act by NCC.
Article 2
The statutory fees include charges for inspection, examination, and the licensing of radio and TV station facilities. The charging items and tariffs are as attached.
Article 3
The statutory fees shall be paid upon application for the inspection and examination of stations; and upon the issuing of licenses.
Article 4
Applicants should remit the statutory fees in the form of cash, bank check, treasury check, or bank draft to NCC.
The aforementioned bank check, treasury check or bank draft should be made payable to NCC.
Article 5
With the exceptions of overpayments, mistaken payments, or the stipulation of any other law, payment shall not be returned to applicants.
Article 6
These standards shall come into effect from the date of promulgation.
Data Source:NCC / Law Source Retrieving System Laws And Regulations