Print Date:112/09/29 12:32

Published and enforced based on the delivery of Order 10248015680 on May 9th, 2013
In accordance with stipulations set forth under Article 21 of the Satellite Broadcasting
Act, the National Communications Commission shall govern the use of inserted
characters in programs by satellite broadcasting businesses. These directions are
enacted to regulate the use of inserted characters by satellite broadcasting businesses
in accordance with the law and also to safeguard the viewing equity of the general
I. The term “inserted characters” refers to the text or graphic, other than the existing content of the filmed program, which has been separately edited and produced, and then prompted on the television screen.
II. Directions for the use of inserted characters:
(I) To report a natural disaster or emergency:
1. It is permitted to report a natural disaster, emergency messages,and related information. The term “natural disaster” refers to the hazards caused by typhoons, floods, droughts, frost, as well as other unusual weather conditions, earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc; the term “emergency” refers to riots, wars, epidemics, nuclear accidents, significant changes in the national fiscal, economic, or financial situation, and any other urgent affairs related to transportation, health, or public safety.
2. It is permitted to report whether certain conditions concerning the foresaid natural disasters and emergency incidents have changed.
(II) To publicize public service information:
1. The term “public service information” refers to those services not aiming to acquire profits but to improve efficiency of public affairs, benefit social welfare, or to enhance convenience of living (i.e.astronomy, weather, the suspension of water or electricity, drills, and other related information).
2. For the purpose of providing a real-time service, it is permitted to broadcast relevant information on the upcoming program on the same channel at the end of the program being broadcast.
(III) To announce a change of channel or program:
A notification is permitted informing viewers of changes to the broadcasting time or content of a program on the same channel, or the program being broadcast on a different channel.
(IV) To release non-commercial information related to the program being broadcast:
1. A brief description related to the program being broadcast is permitted.
2. Interactive information related to the program being broadcast with its text or graphic prompted on the screen involving no specific product’s promotional information is permitted. If there are charges with the foresaid interaction, the broadcaster shall reveal billing information to safeguard the equity of the general public.
3. The inserted characters appear coordinated to the content of the program being broadcast without undermining the viewer’s equity.
4. Significant and real-time news information, finance/economics or sports game information related to the program being broadcast is permitted. However, the foresaid information may not be used to promote any specific programs.
(V) As stipulated by other laws or regulations:
1. Under Article 4 of the Satellite Broadcasting Act, the regulatory agency may direct satellite broadcasting businesses to broadcast specific programs or messages in the event of a natural disaster or emergency to safeguard the public safety and public welfare.
2. Any other circumstances permitted to use the inserted characters stipulated by laws or regulations.
III. It is recommended that satellite broadcasting businesses display inserted characters free of charge and without disruption. The presentation and the detailed rules of inserted characters shall be conducted with self-governance under the consideration of the equity of the viewers.
IV. A municipal government or county (city) government may apply these directions when exercising its legal right set forth under Article 48 of the Cable Radio and Television Act.
Data Source:NCC / Law Source Retrieving System Laws And Regulations