Print Date:113/05/29 11:17

Article 1
These regulations are enacted in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 37, Article 2 of the Satellite Broadcasting Act.
Article 2
The term “captions” in these regulations refers to text and graphics appearing on the screen that have been edited and compiled and are not part of the original contents being broadcasted.
Article 3
The use of captions shall not interfere with the viewing of programs by the public; broadcasters shall consider the interests of the audience when determining how and when to use captions.
Article 4
Broadcasters shall provide captions of the consumer complaint procedure on the bottom of the TV screen, and shall make them clear, prominent, and identifiable.
Article 5
These regulations shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.
Data Source:NCC / Law Source Retrieving System Laws And Regulations