Print Date:111/09/29 02:52

Article 1
These Standards are promulgated pursuant to Article 75 of the Cable Radio and Television Act and Article 7 of the Charge and Fees Act.
Article 2
Items for the cable radio and television terminal statutory fee include compliance approval fees and license fees.
Article 3
For each application for compliance approval fee of cable radio and television terminal equipment (hereinafter shortened as CRTTE), the Authority (NCC) or recognized certification bodies (hereinafter referred to as RCB) shall charge a compliance approval fee according to the attached Table for “Cable Radio and Television Terminal Equipment Statutory Fee” (hereinafter referred to as the Statutory Fee Table).
Article 4
Where the compliance approval application is made for specific CRTTE product series, the second and subsequent products shall be reduced fifty percent. However, this does not apply to applications for Declaration of Conformity (hereinafter shortened as DoC).
The aforementioned product series shall be defined according to Article 2 of Compliance Approval Regulations of Cable Radio and Television Terminal Equipment.
Article 5
Applications for reissue or replacement of cable radio and television terminal equipment approval or DoC certificate shall be charged certificate fees according to the statutory fee standards.
Article 6
The applicant shall remit the Statutory Fee in the form of cash, check issued by bank, treasury check, draft to the National Communications Commission or local financial institutions.
The aforementioned check, treasury check or draft shall be made payable to National Communications Commission.
Article 7
Unless in the case of over-payment, payment made in error, or by stipulation of any other law, the payment shall not be returned after the applicant has remitted payment for Statutory Fee by the Standards.
Article 8
The Standards shall become effective as the date of promulgation.
Data Source:NCC / Law Source Retrieving System Laws And Regulations